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Try Ruby

I want to go ahead and ask, right off the bat, that any scholar/researcher that has found this blog post: I’d like to invite you to join my alpha testers on my Gentle Introductions Resource: It has been quite a while since I posted on this blog, and looking at it, I believe there […]

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Forbidden Knowledge: The Important and The Insane

Sometimes when working on creating an elegant infrastructure for housing a Digital Humanities project, I’ve found it is easy to forget the importance of researching the actual content I am hoping to aggregate. Here are some of the research items I have been engaged with most recently. The key theme in each of them is […]

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Python 2.7-32’s Coding Circus

*Warning this blog post is best described as a free writing exercise.  It started out as an attempt to describe issues of utilizing multiple versions of singular software, and quickly turned to ridiculous images and cathartic gibberish.  You have been warned. I‘m taking to my academic blog to vent, because my only other option is […]

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Final Projects:

For my final two projects as a Masters candidate at the Graduate Center I am working on:   A) Thesis: Because I am in the Digital Humanities concentration within the MALS degree program I have the opportunity to “build something” rather than simply writing out a typical Masters Thesis.  This summer has been a lot […]

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Exploring Gravity’s Rainbow

1. Initial Goal My initial goal for this project was fairly straightforward – find a way to use our methods from class to gain a deeper understanding of Gravity’s rainbow – considered the pre-eminant postmodern text of the 20th century. This encyclopedic tome holds in it the kinds of deep structuring that is immidiately relevent […]

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R Mapping Tests

Moving forward with my project: Right now I am still trying to get a proper map set up in R. I pushed away from QGIS, which I’ve messed with a little this semester after installing it on my linux laptop. I don’t want to sound repetitive on this blog, and I have emphasized the fact […]

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twitteR Visualizations

I’ve been enjoying my time in Lev Manovich’s Big Data class this semester, and I am currently working with R to create some visualizations of twitter trends with a package called twitteR specifically for my final project in Prof Manovich’s class.   This is a particularly difficult package to find good tutorials for.  Why? Search […]

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Presentation Thoughts

For my final presentation in DH Methods I am going to be using as many of the skills we’ve dabbled in this semester as I can. My hope is to run some streamlined, computational explorations on a .txt file holding the full text of Thomas Pynchon’s Gravity’s Rainbow. You can see on the page featured […]

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I’m going to go a little out of bounds in my blog post as it relates to my DH Methods Class. We are concentrating on Visualization in our upcoming class, something I’ve been trudging through weekly for the class on Visualization I am in that directly follows the aforementioned DH course. I thought I would […]

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I have tons of ideas, I have no idea.

  Rather than write specifically about software I’ve been testing, I’d like to take this opportunity to share where I am at with a personal DH project that I am working on.   I plan for this project to be of use in relation to both of the DH-centric courses I am taking this semester: Digital […]

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