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twitteR Visualizations

I’ve been enjoying my time in Lev Manovich’s Big Data class this semester, and I am currently working with R to create some visualizations of twitter trends with a package called twitteR specifically for my final project in Prof Manovich’s class.   This is a particularly difficult package to find good tutorials for.  Why? Search […]

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Presentation Thoughts

For my final presentation in DH Methods I am going to be using as many of the skills we’ve dabbled in this semester as I can. My hope is to run some streamlined, computational explorations on a .txt file holding the full text of Thomas Pynchon’s Gravity’s Rainbow. You can see on the page featured […]

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I’m going to go a little out of bounds in my blog post as it relates to my DH Methods Class. We are concentrating on Visualization in our upcoming class, something I’ve been trudging through weekly for the class on Visualization I am in that directly follows the aforementioned DH course. I thought I would […]

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I have tons of ideas, I have no idea.

  Rather than write specifically about software I’ve been testing, I’d like to take this opportunity to share where I am at with a personal DH project that I am working on.   I plan for this project to be of use in relation to both of the DH-centric courses I am taking this semester: Digital […]

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Just before spring break I went to London (great timing, I know).  While I was there I took a lot of pictures and made a webpage with which to display them.  I used JavaScript and some basic HTML/CSS to build the page, these are not necessarily the DH Methods we have been looking at, I […]

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