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Just before spring break I went to London (great timing, I know).  While I was there I took a lot of pictures and made a webpage with which to display them.  I used JavaScript and some basic HTML/CSS to build the page, these are not necessarily the DH Methods we have been looking at, I […]

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Cruel Java

Heaps of praise are not what one will find being thrown at any portion of the Java programming language lately. See for instance these recent articles: What Is Java, Is It Insecure, and Should I Use It? [Lifehacker] Thanks, Oracle: New Java malware protection undone by old-school attack [Ars Technica] Google search hijack may be […]

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HelloWorld.XML + XSLT + SAXON XSLT Processor = HelloWorld.HTML

I have logged a lot of hours this semester trying to learn some things that make the concepts we’ve been discussing in our Digital Humanities classes somewhat practical. Save for the few computer science people peppered in the MALS roster, I have little doubt these steps seem dubious to the bulk of the class. Last […]

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Basic XML Exploration and Thoughts on Moving Beyond

I’ve been practicing with XML and XSLT stylesheets.  Using this list from the LA Times I’ve been able to create a very basic data set complete with book covers.  I believe this is a very good first step toward being able to create something engaging with a relevant data set.  I’m not sold on this […]

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NES Instruction Manuals

For experimental use of OCR software and text encoding I have decided to switch from attempting to pull out text from comic books (which has proven difficult), and to pull from databases of video game instruction manuals, specifically NES.  There is still a lot of cleanup to do, but the issues are far less taxing […]

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Uncle Scrooge Experiment Session 2

As far as data sets go, has a detailed table presenting data on Uncle Scrooge comics distributed from 1960 to 1998.  This table can be found here: I cut and pasted into data wrangler.  The issue I found was that the amount of information seemed to overload the application.  a table sprang up only […]

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Uncle Scrooge Experiment Session 1

Uncle Scrooge Corpus Project Session 1 So my first attempt at text extraction was to take a very old Uncle Scrooge comic book, and use the OCR tools in Adobe Acrobat X. I am not completely unfamiliar with this process, as I had to use this software at a former job. I have experience with […]

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Interested in exploring the following tools/methods: Hoping to get more familiar with practical API use Interested in how the internet landscape can be utilized with changes from HTML4 to HTML5/CSS3 in terms of Humanities content curation Learning to use GitHub in a more professional fashion My personal interest, as far as my research goes, deals […]

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