NES Instruction Manuals

For experimental use of OCR software and text encoding I have decided to switch from attempting to pull out text from comic books (which has proven difficult), and to pull from databases of video game instruction manuals, specifically NES.  There is still a lot of cleanup to do, but the issues are far less taxing than trying to pull from Uncle Scrooge.

Example from Adventure Island Operation Manual (NA release 1988)

THE STORY & CONTROLLER Hudson’s Adventure Island Game Story: The Evil Witch Doctor has kidnapped Princess Leilani from Master Higgins and taken her to Adventure Island in the South Pacific. It is your mission to help Master Higgins to save Princess Leilani, but it’s not going to be easy. On the island, there are forests, mountains, caves, many enemy characters, and traps waiting for you . .Can Master Higgins save Princess Leilani from the Evil Witch Doctor? CONTROL FUNCTIONS: Energy Level: Master Higgins’ energy level is displayed•i n top of the screen. The level will decrease as the time passes by. By catching the fruits on the screen you will be able to add a little bit of energy back or get a bottle of milk to fill them all up. Of course, loosing all energy means the game is over.

I think this content could serve as an entertaining dataset, and is ripe for an aesthetically pleasing set of visualizations.

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